Swing away

An old shoe-box, paint, scrap paper, a cardboard piece and some wool. That’s all we used in this creative shoe-box swing. We drew and painted a scene inside the box. We chose a seaside scene, house on the hill, a beautiful beach.

Nadia used water colors to paint the scene. Here’s the finish version. We had to let it dry every time we finished a portion so this scene took an entire afternoon. Nadia painted for 10 mins at a time and then came back to it after it dried.

We cut a piece off from the previously saved sides of our UPS box and used that for the swing. Finally, we drew and cut a girl out of paper. She’s wearing a number three t-shirt (3 is how old Nadia is).

Here’s the finished project…our little girl swinging away on a fine summer day.

One thing to note, 75% of our crafts are from materials that folks normally throw away such as UPS boxes, newspapers, mail, egg cartons, shoe boxes etc. It’s such a great idea to teach a child too.

Happy crafting!



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