Starry night in the open sea

Summer solstice 2017…longest day…how did we celebrate?

Dinner in the park, painting and playing…what better way!

Nadia took her painting outside…creating waves here 🙂

Taking a break here while we wait for the paint to dry…


Back again…adding some dark blue waves


Ozzie waits patiently for Nadia to finish…

Adding a little boat now…


Another break…


Adding finishing touches…


Love the finished artwork 🙂

Starry night in the open sea…


Have a great week.




Tai Lung

I want to be reborn as a black snow leopard…is the demand these days.

Let’s be content with painting one?

In the park, feeling the breeze on her face…her brush stroked sweep the page.

Here he is…bold and strong!

Have a great week.



Painting by the pier

We have been spending so much time outdoors and Nadia has been complaining that she’s not been able to paint. So we took our painting with us!

With such an artistic backdrop, inspiration is sure to come.

Adding a lighthouse…

All done…

What a great Sunday!

Have a fabulous week.



Polar bears international

What better way to explain the impact of climate change than learning about the condition of polar bears today?

Here, Nadia is drawing and cutting out pieces for making her polar bear.

Drawing on the paws and the face…

And gluing the pieces together…


Here’s our majestic polar bear…


What other animals are affected by climate change? She asks…A Koala too, remember the Australian summers of 2009? Here’s a great link to read up on (Climate change impacting Koalas) and share with your little ones.

Some playtime…

And some reading up on polars and their shrinking habitats….

DSCF1667 (2)

What can we do to help? She asks…we’re figure something out, I tell her 😦

DSCF1668 (2)

Have a great week.



Summer fun in India

I would have loved for Nadia to spend her entire summer in India, enjoying as I did when we were young. Traveling to Kolkata, fishing, picking fruit and just wandered in orchards all day!

She had to make do with 2 weeks…

Eating a lot of mangoes…


Plucking her own mangoes…


A lot of fun and fights with her cousin brother…

Attending a wedding and eating an endless supply of ice cream in the hot night…


Some quick dips in the pool…


Staying cool for some casual dinners…



And this tops it all…spending precious moments with her great-grandmother 🙂


Here’s hoping she gets to do this every year while I swelter in the Indian heat 🙂