Functions of the heart

Today it was about what Mom does at work…devices that help the heart. So I took some time and explained to Nadia the functions of the heart.DSCF7807

The pumping, purification, veins, arteries…she was fascinated.DSCF7809

Here’s the final piece…hanging in my office now ๐Ÿ™‚

blogHope you all have a great memorial weekend!



To infinity and beyond

Nadia has been asking to make a rocket for sometime now. Finally she gave up on me and made it herself! She glued some paper over our trusted cardboard rolls…DSCF7810

Red was her color of choice…DSCF7812

Added some designs…DSCF7813


I helped her tape 3 rolls together here and she cut a slit on the top one.DSCF7816

To infinity and beyond….DSCF7819



Peril at Sea

I love watching Nadia play…listening to her imaginary stories and her dialogues…Here, she has her star-wars characters setting sail on a new adventure. Of course Darth Vader is leading… This is the cardboard boat we made a while back…DSCF7823

Luke whispers to R2D2…that’s my dad at the helm…DSCF7826Attach of the sea monster…it’s a body-less dinosaur ๐Ÿ™‚DSCF7840Oops Vader lost his head too…DSCF7842We made this ship a while back…here is the post if you are interested.


MRI scanning

Nadia always asks what we do at work. “Design Medical Devices”…what’s a medical device? I explained a bit about how devices help doctors and then we built an MRI machine…out of lego ๐Ÿ™‚DSCF7798

DSCF7799Here she is building the scanner….we used a reference picture from the web to build this.DSCF7800



Hereย  is the operator workspace…DSCF7792

Getting the patient prepped here…some contrast agent to help figure out what’s wrong.DSCF7793


And she is ready to get started!DSCF7797

Nadia had lots of fun with this one…DSCF7806

Have a great week!



A scene from Jungle book

With the evenings getting warmer, we are spending more time in the backyard.DSCF7760

Drawing, coloring…DSCF7761

Here is a scene from Jungle book…that’s Bagheera and Mowgli…DSCF7763

Nadia is slowly becoming moreย  independent with her ideas. I just provide the right amount of guidance necessary to ensure I don’t interrupt her creative process ๐Ÿ™‚


DSCF7790Have a great weekend…




Nadia is becoming more and more independent with her painting. I drew a Brachiosaurus and she took it on from there.DSCF7630

Started with green..DSCF7635

Added some mountains…DSCF7640

A sky…DSCF7641

Here’s the final version….DSCF7645

And my cute artist posing with her work ๐Ÿ™‚DSCF7644Have a great Monday!



Fish aquarium

Temperatures are warming up…it’s been great working outdoors. Here Nadia is coloring an underwater scene.DSCF7575



DSCF7601Then she stuck it on the back of a box.

DSCF7605We are going to build an aquarium!

DSCF7606We cut out some cardboard fishes, snail and a crab.

DSCF7608Then we cut slits and stuck them on sticks.


They could then swim around and play with their little friends!DSCF7743Hope you all have a great weekend and Mother’s day celebrations.




Cloud Gate

A rainy cold weekend…painting was our go-to activity (as usual ๐Ÿ™‚

I drew a sketch of Cloud gate, Chicago. Nadia said it looked like an alien spaceship and wanted to go see it soon.DSCF7625


Nadia did all of theย  painting by herself…choice of colors, the edges everything.DSCF7627

Now bits of green grass on the path…DSCF7628

Swirls of blue clouds in the skies…DSCF7634

Finally after it dried, she drew on glass windows…DSCF7636

Here’s the final version.


DSCF7637Have a fabulous week…it’s getting warmer in Milwaukee and it’s the month of May, my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚