Harry Potter world continued

The Niffler likes shiny objects. Nadia made it out of clay and painted him. Isn’t he cute? As soon as he came alive, he went after all the shiny objects he could find.

Here’s the Hogwarts sorting hat. Nadia modeled it with clay and felt and then painted it brown. I love the eyes and the mouth 🙂

Here she is working on a mandrake that she plans to later place in a pot! It’s made out of papier mache pieces held together with painters tape.

She’s working on potion bottles now…all different sorts. Polyjuice, felis felicis, vampire and unicorn blood, essence of murtlap and many more.

What a creative and active mind this one has 🙂



Harry Potter creations

It’s been two weeks of Harry Potter creations…up in the attic with clay, paint, sticks, hot glue and what not! Here is Harry’s snitch, the one he almost swallowed. Made out of clay, painted golden and has two features that help it fly so fast.

A miniature firebolt, made of sticks and paper painted brown. Note the footrests, this is the fastest broom in the wizarding world.

Meet the bowtruckle, Pickett. He’s made of clay and then painted brown. He loves to ride on Nadia’s shoulder or stay warm in her shirt collar.

So many more ideas and so many projects…and so little time.