Parking garage

A parking garage has been on our to-do list for ages. We have been just waiting for the right box. Imagine our delight when we found this piece of gold 🙂


We cut out a gas station…DSCF5962

Nadia drew out road signs…DSCF5964

DSCF5968It packs up quite snugly…


And closes so smoothly…DSCF5972

Nadia said we need some cars on the box so everyone knows it carries cars…DSCF5973




What fun playing with all her cars!DSCF5966Have a great week!



Paint the town red

I have a great idea – says Nadia. How about we don’t go to school, you and Dad don’t go to office and we just spend time all day painting and painting? I wish we could…DSCF5911

So instead we decided to paint the town red…figuratively i.e.DSCF5912

Nadia mixed her blues and whites for a mild sky…DSCF5913



Added some green grass…she’s thinking Spring!DSCF5931


Add some whites for the windows…DSCF5934

And there it is…our beloved MilwaukeeDSCF5938Have a great week!



Weather station

I downloaded this very cool template of a weather station from Mr. Printables! What a great educational tool…

Nadia cut out the paper and we put it together.DSCF5919



She glued the paper to a strong cardboard piece.DSCF5922

We found a bit of plastic that we used to make a pouch to store all her “weather types” in.DSCF5924

We also cut and made plastic inserts…DSCF5926

Here is the weather station in it’s full glory and has become a great activity during breakfast and/or dinner. Nadia is learning from it too.DSCF5929Have a great week.



Saraswati – goddess of art

On the occasion of Saraswati Pujo, the goddess of wisdom, learning, fine art Nadia made a painting of the goddess herself. I drew an abstract of Goddess Saraswati with her swan and her musical instrument.DSCF5015

Nadia chose the colors and got started.DSCF5016

She painted the swan blue…DSCF5017

Yellow for the goddess’s sari…DSCF5018

Her jet black hair all over her face…DSCF5019

Nadia took a break here…her next decision was whether to put a dark sky or a sunrise one..DSCF5020

She decided to go with a dark sky as that would complement the yellow – “Isn’t that so Mama”?DSCF5021


Here is her finished version. We also started adding her initials now to all her paintings.DSCF5024Happy Saraswati Pujo.

Have a great weekend.



A big fish

After our visit to the Monterrey Bay aquarium, Nadia has been amazed at the various types of fish. Let’s make a big fish Mama!DSCF4945

I cut out a fish for her and she started painting it.DSCF4948

Yellow for the body…DSCF4950

We cut out an armhole.DSCF4952

Nadia added red stripes…DSCF4953


An eye…DSCF4957

Here is the final fish person, fishing rod et all 🙂DSCF4960Have a great week.




We have been reviewing the various modes of transport…what runs on gas and what does not. I cut out a cardboard bicycle and a chopper.DSCF4932

Nadia colored and decorated them.DSCF4933

She added two people here who are the pilots.DSCF4935

She setup her road and the different vehicles she has.DSCF4938

There’s a plane, convertible, motorcyle, chopper, rollerblade, a train on the bridge and a person walking.DSCF4941

After learning about the different types of transport, she had a blast playing with them all!DSCF4944Have a great week.