A ballerina

Painting and dance…the two best forms of expression. Let’s paint a dancer! I drew a ballerina for Nadia and she decided to paint an energy filled background.DSCF4466


Orange, yellow hues…DSCF4469

And a blue frame…DSCF4471

Here’s the final version…DSCF4472

Have a great week!



Batman Cuffs

I want a batman bracelet…not sure where that came from. Anyways we made batman cuffs! Our of recycled cardboard tubes.

Downloaded a batman design from google and Nadia cut it out.DSCF4486

Covered the tube with black paper and then stuck on the batman design…voila!DSCF4488

Pretty satisfied customer 🙂DSCF4489

Have a great week!



Holiday celebrations

We are in Texas for the holidays. It’s been perfect around family for the holidays. This will be the first Christmas we have celebrated together since 1999. Nadia and I made this Christmas village last week.

Nadia painted a cardboard piece green for grass and a circular area brown.DSCF4133

We used milk cartons to make little houses. They are like ready made little cottages with a chimney 🙂DSCF4132We used our little peg dolls here.
DSCF4148Added a few pine cones…




We added some lights in the blue sky.DSCF4153


Playtime just became magical…DSCF4166

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Have a great week.



Christmas cards

Nadia made Christmas for two of her teachers this Holiday season. I drew the snowmen but she did everything else…coloring, sticking, writing a message etc.DSCF4444

She was pretty excited with how this turned out.DSCF4446




DSCF4450Hope you are having fun making your Christmas cards too.

Have a great week.



Christmas carols

I have my station tuned to 95.7 Milwaukee’s Christmas station all day. Just listening to the carols gets me in a festive mood. So here we have our Christmas carolers.DSCF4441

Nadia painted their outfits 🙂DSCF4439

We added Nadia’s old socks and some hats…Here they are, singing away using their music books.DSCF4543Totally immersed in the holidays! DSCF4547


Have a great week.



The Wise men

You’ve heard the song “We three kings of orient are”…That’s the motivation for this post. Nadia colored paper, cut them out and stuck them on cardboard tubes to make the three kings.DSCF4476

DSCF4482Nadia painted crowns, stuck on beards and stuck googly eyes on. Here are our three wise men.DSCF4483Have a great week.



Rudolph the red nose reindeer

10 days to Christmas so all our posts are going to be Christmas related till the 25th 🙂 This is my favorite holiday…attending mass at school, playing Joseph every year for our nativity play as I was tall for my age. Wrapping presents for our teachers, Christmas parties…so many memories! The tree is up and Nadia helped decorate.

post3We kicked off this holiday season by watching our favorite play “The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Twinkling lights, decorated trees, hot cocoa and cookies…yum

post2post1post4We made reindeer using cardboard tubes. Nadia cut the reindeer, drew their eyes and nose.FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)Nadia added red stickers for their noses. Aren’t they cute?


Hope you are having a great holiday season.



Marbled paper

Do you remember marbled paper from our childhood? Well we tried to make those here. Not very successful but it will do the job and was too much fun. First we borrowed Nayeem’s shaving cream and sprayed it on some foil.DSCF4406

Nadia then put drops of paint on the shaving cream.

It makes a pretty picture.DSCF4410

Then Nadia just smeared it around.DSCF4415

She then put a piece of paper on it and pressed hard.DSCF4418

Then she wiped the shaving cream off and the color stayed on the paper. We plan to use this paper for greeting cards.


Have a great weekend.



Frozen pond

We were at Yosemite during Thanksgiving and Nadia wanted to swim in the Merced river. However after walking down and seeing the frozen water she was amazed. The theme for today’s post is winter and frozen water. Nadia painted a white snowy ground.


She then cut out some foil and stuck that onto the ground to depict a frozen pond. We added our peg dolls, some cardboard trees and a pine cone. I also showed Nadia how to fold a paper boat and we added one to the edge of the pond.DSCF4170

The peg dolls are skating here…DSCF4172


To add some color to the scene, Nadia cut out paper flowers and stuck them to the edge of the pond.


Have a great week.



Dawn of Justice

The 2016 Dawn of Justic (Batman v Superman) movie inspired this post. We recycled cardboard tubes to make the two super heroes. Nadia painted white paper using blue, yellow, black and red colors.DSCF4422

DSCF4423She then stuck them to the tube using glue. We cut out the batman gear and eyes and glued those on.DSCF4425

Here’s a look at the batman!DSCF4428


She then created the pieces for Superman.DSCF4431

DSCF4439 DSCF4441

Here’s the super duo…DSCF4435

Ready for a day of adventure…DSCF4437

Have a great Monday.