Giving thanks

While painting these rolls, Nadia and I were talking about Thanksgiving…discussing what 5 things she was thankful about.

Here is her list in that order:

Ozzie and all dogs

Mama, Baba, Dadu, Dida, Dada, Dadi, Guddy maumau, Shriram mesho, Shaeen Phuphu and Yug


Painting and


DSCF4177Nadia attached feathers, eyes, a beak and feet to the turkeys.


Here they are…two happy birds!DSCF4211

We are celebrating thanksgiving this year with my parents, sister and brother-in-law in California. Missing Nayeem…

Happy thanksgiving!



My first car

Let’s make a car Mama…a big one that I can sit in. We found a box, cut it up and Nadia started painting with her favorite colors.DSCF4067

It’s going to be quite a flashy car!DSCF4069

I drew some wheels and Nadia painted those.DSCF4072

She also added some patterns.DSCF4074

Here it is…she put in a small seat and a cushion for comfort. It proves to be a great spot to sit and watch movies in while munching on strawberries…like a drive in movie theater experience.DSCF4080

There’s even room for her dog and some space on the dashboard for her dinosaurs.DSCF4087

Play and drive…what fun!DSCF4088


Here’s Nadia taking a picture of her beloved car.FullSizeRender(1)

It really looks cool!FullSizeRenderWe added a small piece with a cup-holder…it holds her milk bottle now.FullSizeRender(2)Nadia has been using this box all weekend. She plays for hours in it, watches videos while seated inside. What an amazing toy a simple box and a ton of imagination can be.

Have a great week.




Love over fear

I am sure most of you must have seen Rav’s album “Where do Syrian children sleep?”…those pictures have been haunting us day and night. Children…who probably end up the most traumatized during war, riots, fight…They deserve a happy children. This post today is for all our children.

For our session today, I drew a picture of a child swinging. Nadia made me add a tree. DSCF3831She painted clouds, grass, flowers…a happy, carefree childhood.

DSCF3833Later, I added a slight change to her happy version. Our precious children are the most valuable asset we have today, let’s work for their successful futures.


Have a great week.



Red Riding hood story box

Red Riding Hood seems to be a theme we keep coming back to. Nadia loves the modified story where the wolf really wants to be included in the family and ends up sharing Red’s basket of goodies with Grandma. We used an old shoe box, markers and some pieces of an old box for this. DSCF3965 DSCF3969

The old shoe box became the scene…Grandma’s home and the forest.DSCF3979

Nadia painted some grass…DSCF3981


Mountains…decorated Grandma’s wall with red dots.DSCF3984

Here is the final scene.DSCF3986

You can see the wolf peeking from behind the tree.DSCF3987

Fun fun fun….DSCF3989 DSCF3991

Have a great week.



Lighthouse painting

Nadia asked – What should I paint for Guddy maumau’s birthday? I mentioned a lighthouse cause she just loves them. I drew a lighthouse scene and Nadia painted it.DSCF4058

While painting we talked a lot about lighthouses…what they are, what purpose they serve. We looked at lighthouse pictures on google and ships at peril in the Sea.DSCF4059

We talked about shipwrecks and I told her my favorite Famous Five story where the five stay at a lighthouse.DSCF4061

Well here it is, a lighthouse, dangerous rocks, the sea and sea gulls.DSCF4064

Nadia decided she wanted some clouds so we drew some on. Happy birthday Maumau…you’ll get this painting next time we see you 🙂DSCF4065

Have a great birthday celebration with Baba and Ma.

Have a great week.



Veteran’s day

Veteran’s day – honoring all those who served. While Nadia is still quite young to fully grasp war and peace, she still understands good and bad. To make this veteran’s day we spent some time talking about those who serve and protect and help make the world a better place for the rest of us.

I asked her to paint a sunset over  a field of corn and I drew the soldiers once she was done. DSCF3926

DSCF3927I showed her how to add some blue to the sunset so that it would be an abstract of the American flag.

DSCF3944Finally I drew some soldiers walking across the fields.DSCF3946

Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedoms.

Have a great week.



Kali Pujo

Kali Pujo always brings this song to mind “Mayer paer joba hoye uth na phoote mon”…So Nadia and I decided to make a painting duo this time for Kali Pujo. Nadia painted a red hibiscus (Joba flower) and I made a rendition of Maa Kali.



DSCF3934I helped her add some darker strokes here for a better effect. Both of these were done using watercolors.

DSCF3936Here’s my Maa Kali painting.


Have a great Kali Pujo celebration.



A gift for Ozzie

Ozzie is turning eight tomorrow. Wow seven years with him flew by. Nadia got to witness 3.5 years of that. Growing up with a pet has so many advantages…learning to be compassionate towards animals, sharing, taking care. I was so happy when Nadia announced that she wanted to make a gift for Ozzie. She requested a drawing of her and Ozzie. I drew a sketch with a pencil and Nadia proceeded to paint it black. …Well Ozzie looks more like a bear here and Nadia a taller version of herself but the thought is what counts!!


Nadia decided to paint a sunset in the background. DSCF3930

After it dried, she painted the silhouette’s black again.DSCF3940

Added some grass and here is the final version.DSCF3941My dad has taken a fancy to this painting since it has both his grand-kids in it. Since Nadia has decided to sell all her paintings to support a cause, he paid $5 and this one will now travel back to India.

The painting has now been tucked away with many delighted comments about how Ozzie-dada is going to be so pleased and surprised. I think dear Ozzie-dada will find his cupcakes more delightful than above painting but I’d better keep those thoughts to myself for now.

Looking forward to a great birthday celebration for Ozzie tomorrow with family.

Have a great week.




Watercolors butterfly

Nadia is working with watercolors now. She still prefers acrylic paints but is getting used to watercolors slowly. I drew a butterfly for her.DSCF3948

She chose her colors and began. Every time this girl paints she has so much focus…DSCF3956


She put dots to accentuate the butterfly.DSCF3958

Here’s the finished butterfly. Nadia asked me to draw a branch and some leaves that the butterfly could sit on.DSCF3960



Here is the finished version.DSCF3963Have a great Sunday.