Spring has cometh

Spring is finally here in Milwaukee…we kicked it off with the first ride of the summer.


So happy to see Reggie after a long winter…here’s hoping Reggie feels the same way 🙂


Going for ballet class without a jacket also was good fun…Nadia picked some weeds and skipped around the backyard before class.

Finally a swing in the hammock…because we finally can 😃

Here’s to sunny days and great weather!

Enjoy your weekend.



Origami fun

We got some cool colorful origami paper…

Nadia picked a red, several folds later…

Two cute dogs…

Moving on to mice bookmarks…

Cutting out the ears…

Then on to some different dogs…

And then some swords for the knight…

Aren’t the mice cute?

Here is our basket of goodies 🙂

Have a creative week!



Monster hooks

Nadia can’t reach the closet hangers so she decided to make some coat hooks herself.

Introducing Monster hooks…

She drew some monsters…

Here are the sketches…

Now let’s paint…those are some crazy monsters 😃

Then add on some clothespins…

Here is how they came out…a job well done!

Have a great week.



Learning to draw

Lately Nadia has been busy teaching herself to draw. It all started with her asking Nayeem to help with drawing a wolf. Nayeem went to youtube for help and the saga of “How to draw a …” was born.


So that’s what she does all week. How to draw a dog, tiger, wolf, horse etc. She picks videos which are a max of 8 minutes in length and then pauses and plays and follows through. I am simply amazed at the quality of her drawings and the plethora of tools available online.


We can no longer complain…we have access to a ton of resources!


I am also amazed at her patience…the 8 min videos really mean she takes about 25-30 mins to complete a drawing. This tiger for instance, took her around 45 mins.



Howling wolves are her favorite!


Also I am loving her growing independence but also missing our art/craft yesterdays 😦


Have a great week!



Oscillating woodpecker

You all remember the woodpecker on the pole example from our childhood. We decided to try the same thing with paper and an elastic band. Nadia drew and colored the woodpecker.


Here it is all cut out and ready…


We then stuck a little bit of a plastic straw and put the elastic band through it.




How does this work? Our woodpecker gains potential gravitational energy as we lift it to the top of the rubber band. Once it starts going, the potential energy is converted to kinetic (moving) energy.

Pretty cool huh?


Have a great week.

Best regards,