A simple thaumatrope

We all made these spinners when we were kids. I had to show Nadia!

She drew, colored and cut out a few birds and a branch.

Here are our pieces all ready…

Nadia was so amazed by this…how is this possible was the question?

Here’s a video to show the spinning bird on a branch.

Have a great week.



Nadia’s Yosemite week

I asked Nadia to help pen today’s blog. Below words and images are all made by her at Yosemite.

I went to Yosemite National park this summer. I stayed in a tent at half dome village. I swam in lake Tenaya and the waters of the lower Yosemite falls. I hiked to Vernal falls. I filled my water bottle with the cold water of fern spring and drank the fresh water. I saw deer and squirrels. My Mama taught me how to use my Fujifilm XT1. I love taking pictures.




Sunset from Tunnel View

This was a series of 6 photos taken by Nadia on a tripod, which I later merged together to create this beautiful sunset using photoshop. No other tweaks were made. Nadia was delighted to see the results of using the bracketing technique.


Twilight at Mono Lake

Series of three bracketed shots taken by Nadia using a tripod. I merged them together in photoshop. No other tweaks were made.


Closeup at Lower Yosemite falls


Following a herd of deer at Tuolomne meadows


Wide angle (18mm) shot of the tufas at Mono Lake

Close up shots at Fern Spring, Yosemite. Reflections of the ferns in the water

Foothills of El Capitan


Nadia and Aruna