Father’s Day

Celebrating fathers today…Unfortunately I am traveling and missing the day 😦

Nadia and I worked on a card before I left. I drew a dragon…


Nadia colored it…DSCF8089

Here’s how it looks…DSCF8090

She then drew a flaming tongue and cut it out…DSCF8091

Made two slits and slid the tongue in…DSCF8092

This way it slides in and out…DSCF8093

DSCF8094Here’s the final card…A special dragon card forΒ  a very special father πŸ™‚

DSCF8095Hope the father-daughter-son(Ozzie) trio have a great celebration today.

Happy father’s day to all the wonderful dads out there!



Space travel

Rockets – that’s what Nadia is into these days. So we decided to make a large space travel poster for Nayeem’s new office. Nadia drew and cut out spaceships…DSCF8035

She drew little circles using coins…DSCF8036

Then cut those out and glued them onto the rockets.DSCF8037

Lot of precision work here πŸ™‚DSCF8038


Then she pained the sky blue…DSCF8043

And stuck all the different rockets there. Added some smoke furls etc.DSCF8045

Then she used coins to draw planets.DSCF8046

And colored them…DSCF8047


Here’s the final poster. And it looks fabulous in her dad’s new office πŸ™‚DSCF8050Have a great week!



Car ride

Car rides and country roads…Here is a scene I helped Nadia draw.DSCF7855

She had a great time coloring it…DSCF7856


She drew a car and cut it out…DSCF7860

She then stuck it on a strip of paper…DSCF7863

She cut a line on the drawing and slid the car through the slot…DSCF7866

Voila…go for a ride!DSCF7868Have a great week!



A Cowboy and his horse

Nadia has been taking horseback riding lessons and a lot of fascination with horses now…Here I drew a cowboy and a horse for her.DSCF7861

She then colored and cut them out…DSCF7862I showed her how to fold the paper so the horse could stand…ideally thicker paper would have worked best.DSCF7871Here’s the cowboy seated on the horse.DSCF7872

She added mountains and a cactus plant…DSCF7874

There he goes!DSCF7877

Have a great week.