Lighthouse at Sunset

Lately most of our posts are mostly on Painting…Nadia seems to enjoy these more than anything else. Every day she has a request for a new drawing, which seems to challenge me to improve my drawing abilities 🙂

Today’s is a lighthouse on an island…DSCF6014

Nadia painted water…and a sunset skyDSCF6017DSCF6020She used a black marker for the lighthouse…DSCF6021

Here’s the final version!DSCF6022


Have a great week!



Fold a few fish

The other week during the rains, I was showing Nadia how to fold paper boats…when she asked lets make something else. I looked up how to fold a fish and we got started.DSCF6057Step 1…


Step 2…DSCF6059

Step 3…DSCF6060

And now draw on a mouth, eyes…DSCF6055

Nadia drew on some fins…DSCF6063

And scales…DSCF6065

DSCF6068She stuck them on some paper that she colored blue…for water


So much fun…DSCF6070Have a great week!



Happy Holi

Talking to Nadia about Holi…colors, life and love. We decided to make a painting. I drew a scene of 2 women playing with colors.DSCF6239 copy

Nadia painted…she chose bright colors. Blues, green, red…DSCF6241



Here’s my super-chef husband doling out rotis for our dinner while we paint!DSCF6248 copy

She then colored the hair and highlighted the eyes.


Here’s the final version.DSCF6251

Happy Holi!

Have a great celebration.



Spring is here

Back home after a week of traveling. What better way to  celebrate than to paint the cometh of Spring! I drew some flowers for Nadia and let her have at them…DSCF6028Nadia first painted the background green and then picked red for the flowers…DSCF6040Red, maroon, blue, yellow…DSCF6041DSCF6042Finally, green stems…DSCF6043Here’s the final piece…DSCF6044Have a great week.



Sail Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

I am in Hong Kong for the week, traveling for work. Last weekend, while speaking to Nadia about my upcoming work travel we started chatting about Hong Kong. She wanted to know where it was on the map, how it looks etc.

After looking on the web for some pictures of Hong Kong we decided to make a painting of Victoria Harbor and a red-sail Chinese boat. I drew a scene and Nadia got started.



DSCF6032I talked Nadia through drawing the windows on the buildings…DSCF6036

DSCF6037We even titled it in Mandarin…

DSCF6038Here is her final version…

DSCF6039I hope I guess a chance to take some time and sail the Harbor on the “Aqua luna”…wouldn’t that be cool?

Have a great week!




Learning to draw

Lately, Nadia has been showing a lot of interest in drawing. She showed me this drawing last night of a her home. It shows a house, a tree, a pet dragon, Ozzie and her playing. How lovely!

FullSizeRender1It occurred to me that this may be a good time to start teaching her how to draw animals. I found this really cool blog online –, definitely take a look if you are looking for creative things to do with your children.

We started by drawing a Monkey swinging from the vines. I walked Nadia through this step by step.


DSCF6046I asked her what next? And she said can we add a lion and an elephant.

So I walked her through those step by step…

DSCF6047She then used a black marker to darken the pencil drawing…DSCF6051

DSCF6053She then colored away…



I am really impressed at how this turned out. I learned to draw and helped Nadia learn too…how awesome 🙂


Have a great weekend!



Craft caddy

After savings up paper towel rolls we had enough to build this craft caddy finally…Nadia wrapped them all with colored construction paper.DSCF5939

She then painted the caddy with pretty flowers…DSCF5941

DSCF5944She then glued all the rolls to the base of the box.DSCF5946It now carries some of her craft supplies…DSCF5950

DSCF5955Have a  great week.



Got the time?

Trying to teach Nadia to tell the time the old fashioned way…DSCF6005


Here she is writing the numbers and drawing the hands of the clock…DSCF6008

Then she sticks it on to a bit of cardboard tube that she can wear around her wrist.DSCF6011


She made quite a few of these…all telling different times. DSCF6013Hope you are having a great week.



Mobile home

A fresh coat of paint for the walls…DSCF5951

Add an outdoor scene…some cloudsDSCF5953

Some indoor decor too…DSCF5958

We have four rooms in our home…DSCF5957

Add a floor and a few accessories and here we go…



DSCF5977Hope you are having a great weekend.