Backyard chalk fun

Bucket of chalk – check!dscf9563

Last weekend was probably one of the last days where we saw a warm evening. Fall is already here…soon to be followed by winter. My little one is counting days and looking forward to sledding…me not so much!dscf9564

Nadia took over the entire patio…what a great idea this was…dscf9559

Dad joined in too for some fun…dscf9558

Here’s a rendition of Iron-man…dscf9561

I drew a butterfly…dscf9562

Just the right size for Nadia to slip into…dscf9554Have a great rest of the week!



Fun with leaves

Fall is here…collecting leaves, enjoying the crisp morning air was on our to-do this weekend…Here’s what Nadia did with those later on in the morning…img_3559

Just love this cute fox!img_3558

Note the mother chick and baby chick and some other animal I cannot honestly say I got.img_3557Have a great week.


Strumming my guitar all day

Nadia’s learning to play the violin, but she’s also fascinated by the guitar…as my sister put it “When you’re learning one instrument you want to play a different one”…she knows flitting between badminton and tennis πŸ™‚

Anyways, so she went and made a cardboard one…the first box she used was a lightweight one which collapsed after playing a song…it now serves as a colorful crown πŸ™‚

The second box seemed a better choice, lathered with paint and a lot of decorating it seems to hold up well.



I also helped her add a cardboard piece here so she could hold it. Looks pretty delightful!pic2

Here she is, strumming away. Note the old box that serves as a crown now.pic3Two days later and it’s still hanging on…she carries it around everywhere and now plays it in the car on the way to school. We are getting subjected to a ton of great music on a daily basis…this is the life πŸ™‚



Dinosaur land

An afternoon spent cutting and sticking…DSCF9453

Here’s a pterasaur…DSCF9454


Cutting and sticking out the spikes on an ankylosaurus…DSCF9458

Adding some leaf eaters…DSCF9461

Putting finishing touches on the trex…DSCF9466

A soaring pterasaurus…DSCF9464

Here’s the finished piece…DSCF9470

Have a great weekend.



Medieval times

Medieval times…sword fighting…but we need shields Mama! Okay let’s make some.

Nadia chose a wolf and a lion. The lion isΒ  for her dad and she will use the wolf. DSCF9421

Here, she is painting the wolf face…DSCF9422

Here’s the finished piece…DSCF9424

And here’s the lion…DSCF9425


And this one for dad…DSCF9432

Stand and duel…DSCF9431Have aΒ  great long weekend.