All things dinosaurs

As all of you know, Nadia is obsessed with dinosaurs. For her birthday this year, we got her a dinosaur dig kit. It’s a cool way to learn about paleontology. During the course, of digging out the fossils many questions were asked and answered about bone structure, when did dinosaurs live and die, how did they die and how we use fossils today.

She enjoyed digging out the fossils and then put the pieces together to build this stegasaurus.

We also went to La Terazza as a special birthday treat and helped paint a T-rex.

I had fun photographing her stegasaurus model and her and creating this “walk in the park” photograph. We also visited the Dinosaur museum in Kenosha, which was a real treat. Thanks to a friend for suggesting this one. 

And of course, this lego set which was an instant hit. Ask her what “paleontologist” means when you see her next.