Baking banana bread

Nadia’s favorite snack is Banana bread from Starbucks…she doesn’t like the nuts though…so now she has decided to make her own nut-free version.

We put all the ingredients together…

She blended them…

Really well…

And here it is ready to go into the oven

Note: if this becomes a regular thing I need to buy her a bread pan.

It turned out great…showed her how to prick with a toothpick and make sure it’s all cooked.

The chef sampling her own creations and giving it a thumbs up too!

She baked enough for 2 days and saved a piece for her Baba too.



Learning to tell time

Let’s make learning fun!

Nadia and I made a game on how to tell time. Here, Nadia is cutting out little pieces with numbers and events written on them. Let’s do this!

Here is our time and note chart…I spin the minute and hour hand and Nadia reads it and choose the right numbers and the right event. Eg. 8.05 AM is when school starts.

6.30am is wake up time!



Having a blast and learning at the same time…


8:00PM – time for bed now…Good night all.

Have a great week.