My first car

Let’s make a car Mama…a big one that I can sit in. We found a box, cut it up and Nadia started painting with her favorite colors.DSCF4067

It’s going to be quite a flashy car!DSCF4069

I drew some wheels and Nadia painted those.DSCF4072

She also added some patterns.DSCF4074

Here it is…she put in a small seat and a cushion for comfort. It proves to be a great spot to sit and watch movies in while munching on strawberries…like a drive in movie theater experience.DSCF4080

There’s even room for her dog and some space on the dashboard for her dinosaurs.DSCF4087

Play and drive…what fun!DSCF4088


Here’s Nadia taking a picture of her beloved car.FullSizeRender(1)

It really looks cool!FullSizeRenderWe added a small piece with a cup-holder…it holds her milk bottle now.FullSizeRender(2)Nadia has been using this box all weekend. She plays for hours in it, watches videos while seated inside. What an amazing toy a simple box and a ton of imagination can be.

Have a great week.




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