Lighthouse painting

Nadia asked – What should I paint for Guddy maumau’s birthday? I mentioned a lighthouse cause she just loves them. I drew a lighthouse scene and Nadia painted it.DSCF4058

While painting we talked a lot about lighthouses…what they are, what purpose they serve. We looked at lighthouse pictures on google and ships at peril in the Sea.DSCF4059

We talked about shipwrecks and I told her my favorite Famous Five story where the five stay at a lighthouse.DSCF4061

Well here it is, a lighthouse, dangerous rocks, the sea and sea gulls.DSCF4064

Nadia decided she wanted some clouds so we drew some on. Happy birthday Maumau…you’ll get this painting next time we see you 🙂DSCF4065

Have a great birthday celebration with Baba and Ma.

Have a great week.



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