All things tiger

Nadia has been fascinated by tigers lately…She asked for a tiger face painting for a Halloween party…

Once we were back home, she announced she just had to paint a tiger. So pencil to paper and paints…the tiger jumped right out of her onto the paper she said 😊

Love it!

Have a great week!



A simple thaumatrope

We all made these spinners when we were kids. I had to show Nadia!

She drew, colored and cut out a few birds and a branch.

Here are our pieces all ready…

Nadia was so amazed by this…how is this possible was the question?

Here’s a video to show the spinning bird on a branch.

Have a great week.



I am the Wolf Knight

Sunday well spent! Cutting out cardboard, gluing and painting…

Putting together this Knight’s accessories was a ton of fun!fullsizerender1


Trying it on for size here…fullsizerender3

Let’s get down to painting…dscf0269

A happy customer…dscf0270

Almost done…dscf0271


Adding details to the sword…dscf0275

Adding the signature of the Wolf Knight…dscf0276


Here’s everything!dscf0278

Omg doesn’t she look heroic?dscf0283

Getting into the mood 🙂 dscf0282My life is good 🙂



In a world of mortals, we are wonder women

It’s been a great last 6 weeks…however every evening Nadia has been pointing out “I am not having any fun”….what she means is she’s done very little painting.

So here’s our attempt to spend some time catching up!

I draw, she paints…ww1

Yeah, that’s Wonder Woman aka her mom 🙂ww2

Here’s the final version…ww3

A quick change into her costume and a photo with the same pose for 2016…dscf0260

We are Wonder Women…dscf0263


Have a happy new year.