I am the Wolf Knight

Sunday well spent! Cutting out cardboard, gluing and painting…

Putting together this Knight’s accessories was a ton of fun!fullsizerender1


Trying it on for size here…fullsizerender3

Let’s get down to painting…dscf0269

A happy customer…dscf0270

Almost done…dscf0271


Adding details to the sword…dscf0275

Adding the signature of the Wolf Knight…dscf0276


Here’s everything!dscf0278

Omg doesn’t she look heroic?dscf0283

Getting into the mood πŸ™‚ dscf0282My life is good πŸ™‚



Strumming my guitar all day

Nadia’s learning to play the violin, but she’s also fascinated by the guitar…as my sister put it “When you’re learning one instrument you want to play a different one”…she knows flitting between badminton and tennis πŸ™‚

Anyways, so she went and made a cardboard one…the first box she used was a lightweight one which collapsed after playing a song…it now serves as a colorful crown πŸ™‚

The second box seemed a better choice, lathered with paint and a lot of decorating it seems to hold up well.



I also helped her add a cardboard piece here so she could hold it. Looks pretty delightful!pic2

Here she is, strumming away. Note the old box that serves as a crown now.pic3Two days later and it’s still hanging on…she carries it around everywhere and now plays it in the car on the way to school. We are getting subjected to a ton of great music on a daily basis…this is the life πŸ™‚



Medieval times

Medieval times…sword fighting…but we need shields Mama! Okay let’s make some.

Nadia chose a wolf and a lion. The lion isΒ  for her dad and she will use the wolf. DSCF9421

Here, she is painting the wolf face…DSCF9422

Here’s the finished piece…DSCF9424

And here’s the lion…DSCF9425


And this one for dad…DSCF9432

Stand and duel…DSCF9431Have aΒ  great long weekend.



You’ve got a friend in me

Summer movies…we watched all three “Toy Story” videos. What a great series of movies!! Nadia loved them all and got motivated to build a scene…DSCF9147

A jail fit for a sheriff…DSCF9148


AΒ  Wanted poster…DSCF9150


A jail and a saloon…DSCF9152Looks like Darth Vader got capturedΒ  πŸ™‚DSCF9153

With a little help from Ironman? High five!DSCF9155




Happy happy…DSCF9163

Have a great week.



To infinity and beyond

Nadia has been asking to make a rocket for sometime now. Finally she gave up on me and made it herself! She glued some paper over our trusted cardboard rolls…DSCF7810

Red was her color of choice…DSCF7812

Added some designs…DSCF7813


I helped her tape 3 rolls together here and she cut a slit on the top one.DSCF7816

To infinity and beyond….DSCF7819



Peril at Sea

I love watching Nadia play…listening to her imaginary stories and her dialogues…Here, she has her star-wars characters setting sail on a new adventure. Of course Darth Vader is leading… This is the cardboard boat we made a while back…DSCF7823

Luke whispers to R2D2…that’s my dad at the helm…DSCF7826Attach of the sea monster…it’s a body-less dinosaur πŸ™‚DSCF7840Oops Vader lost his head too…DSCF7842We made this ship a while back…here is the post if you are interested.