Elf in a sleeping bag

Lately I have been focusing on providing Nadia with a lot of free time to play. Allowing time for unstructured play is very important in feeding the creative mind. This is where the creative ideas come flowing in…

Nadia is working on a little felt elf who has his own little sleeping bag and pillow…

She cut out the materials and sewed them herself…with some guidance from me when she asked for help.

We have agreed that unless she asks me for help I will not bring ideas of my own 😃

Once the elf and his sleeping bag was ready …she moved on to playtime. Most of these items below have been made by her. The lovely mushroom fairy house was made at summer school in Montessori. She shaped, baked and painted it all herself.

Isn’t the elf in his sleeping bag cute? He is camping out under the stars tonight.

Just love seeing the scene come alive…

Imagination…story building all coming together

Of course I joined in the fun too 🧚‍♀️

Have a great week.



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