Learning to draw

Lately Nadia has been busy teaching herself to draw. It all started with her asking Nayeem to help with drawing a wolf. Nayeem went to youtube for help and the saga of “How to draw a …” was born.


So that’s what she does all week. How to draw a dog, tiger, wolf, horse etc. She picks videos which are a max of 8 minutes in length and then pauses and plays and follows through. I am simply amazed at the quality of her drawings and the plethora of tools available online.


We can no longer complain…we have access to a ton of resources!


I am also amazed at her patience…the 8 min videos really mean she takes about 25-30 mins to complete a drawing. This tiger for instance, took her around 45 mins.



Howling wolves are her favorite!


Also I am loving her growing independence but also missing our art/craft yesterdays 😦


Have a great week!



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