Strumming my guitar all day

Nadia’s learning to play the violin, but she’s also fascinated by the guitar…as my sister put it “When you’re learning one instrument you want to play a different one”…she knows flitting between badminton and tennis 🙂

Anyways, so she went and made a cardboard one…the first box she used was a lightweight one which collapsed after playing a song…it now serves as a colorful crown 🙂

The second box seemed a better choice, lathered with paint and a lot of decorating it seems to hold up well.



I also helped her add a cardboard piece here so she could hold it. Looks pretty delightful!pic2

Here she is, strumming away. Note the old box that serves as a crown now.pic3Two days later and it’s still hanging on…she carries it around everywhere and now plays it in the car on the way to school. We are getting subjected to a ton of great music on a daily basis…this is the life 🙂



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