Learning to draw

Lately, Nadia has been showing a lot of interest in drawing. She showed me this drawing last night of a her home. It shows a house, a tree, a pet dragon, Ozzie and her playing. How lovely!

FullSizeRender1It occurred to me that this may be a good time to start teaching her how to draw animals. I found this really cool blog online – http://artforkidshub.com/, definitely take a look if you are looking for creative things to do with your children.

We started by drawing a Monkey swinging from the vines. I walked Nadia through this step by step.


DSCF6046I asked her what next? And she said can we add a lion and an elephant.

So I walked her through those step by step…

DSCF6047She then used a black marker to darken the pencil drawing…DSCF6051

DSCF6053She then colored away…



I am really impressed at how this turned out. I learned to draw and helped Nadia learn too…how awesome 🙂


Have a great weekend!



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