Saraswati – goddess of art

On the occasion of Saraswati Pujo, the goddess of wisdom, learning, fine art Nadia made a painting of the goddess herself. I drew an abstract of Goddess Saraswati with her swan and her musical instrument.DSCF5015

Nadia chose the colors and got started.DSCF5016

She painted the swan blue…DSCF5017

Yellow for the goddess’s sari…DSCF5018

Her jet black hair all over her face…DSCF5019

Nadia took a break here…her next decision was whether to put a dark sky or a sunrise one..DSCF5020

She decided to go with a dark sky as that would complement the yellow – “Isn’t that so Mama”?DSCF5021


Here is her finished version. We also started adding her initials now to all her paintings.DSCF5024Happy Saraswati Pujo.

Have a great weekend.



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