A home for peg-dolls

Let’s build a dollhouse Mama…the peg dolls need a home. We decided to make a 3-story home. I cut out cardboard pieces and we stuck wallpaper on them.DSCF4852



Using duct tape we taped the wall and the floors to each other. We also cut out doors and windows.DSCF4855


Nadia pointed out that our house was really a Christmas tree…the shape that is 🙂DSCF4857

Nadia added little blocks from her toy box to use as chairs…DSCF4859

She stuck an aluminum foil to be a mirror.DSCF4860

A pine cone in the living room, a lego table with a cushion for comfort.DSCF4867

A decorative vase on a stool…DSCF4868

She had so much fun arranging and pretend playing all evening.DSCF4861Have a great week!



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