Magnetic car track

The idea was to build a race track for cars. I recently got some small magnets and was showing Nadia how they work. She was pretty amazed by their properties. Here Nadia is painting a track.DSCF4118

We then picked two of her cars and stuck the magnets underneath them.DSCF4119

We used two sticks with magnets as the guiding force.DSCF4120This proved rather difficult as the glue was not strong enough and the magnets kept coming off when pulled by the sticks.DSCF4125Mama – the car needs to be lighter said Nadia!! So we cut one out of paper. It’s kind of 2D but does the job.DSCF4126Nadia was able to take it around the track a few times.DSCF4127Day-2 of this setup and Nadia wanted to add more stuff to the scene. She added a pond some trees and some traffic signs.







I can see us holding car races and timing each one…or just using the track to play 🙂

Have a great week.



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