A gift for Ozzie

Ozzie is turning eight tomorrow. Wow seven years with him flew by. Nadia got to witness 3.5 years of that. Growing up with a pet has so many advantages…learning to be compassionate towards animals, sharing, taking care. I was so happy when Nadia announced that she wanted to make a gift for Ozzie. She requested a drawing of her and Ozzie. I drew a sketch with a pencil and Nadia proceeded to paint it black. …Well Ozzie looks more like a bear here and Nadia a taller version of herself but the thought is what counts!!


Nadia decided to paint a sunset in the background. DSCF3930

After it dried, she painted the silhouette’s black again.DSCF3940

Added some grass and here is the final version.DSCF3941My dad has taken a fancy to this painting since it has both his grand-kids in it. Since Nadia has decided to sell all her paintings to support a cause, he paid $5 and this one will now travel back to India.

The painting has now been tucked away with many delighted comments about how Ozzie-dada is going to be so pleased and surprised. I think dear Ozzie-dada will find his cupcakes more delightful than above painting but I’d better keep those thoughts to myself for now.

Looking forward to a great birthday celebration for Ozzie tomorrow with family.

Have a great week.




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