Yoda vs Darth Vader

Nadia’s simple question – Why did Yoda not fight Darth Vader and defeat him? Isn’t Yoda the teacher and Anakin the student. This led to a lot of contemplation on my part…a theory I had heard about the cave scene in Empire Strikes back between Luke and Vader, isn’t that really a fight between Yoda and the imaginary Vader? Yoda haunting Dagobah…well to avoid answering the question :-), I printed coloring pages for Darth Vader and Yoda. Nadia got busy coloring.

DSCF3602We then cut out Darth Vader and Yoda’s character for a shadow box epic fight that this would have been if there ever was one!!

Bedtime…along with a great Star Wars score playing Yoda and Darth Vader battled with light-sabers. And  yes Yoda won in this version.




Night, night.

Have a great week.



Swing away

Painting is the favorite activity these days. Ask Nadia what we should do and she will say…lets paint Mama! I drew the outline of a tree trunk. Nadia painted a blue sky and a brown tree trunk.


Yes, wearing the crown is essential to the creative process 🙂


She painted some pink blossoms too…


I drew little Nadia swinging away and here is the finished version.


With Durga Puja rehearsals and grandparents visiting we have little time left for activities. A lot of time is spent these days, listening to stories on Dadu’s lap and learning sonnets from Dida…blissful childhood days!

Have a great week.



Acorns acorns and more acorns

We have tons of Oak trees at home…front yard and back. This is the time of the year when the acorns fall like rain. It’s pretty when the driveway is filled with acorns. We bought a Billy Goat vacuum which makes cleaning these up a breeze. So before Nayeem got to cleaning the yard we collected as many acorns we could.


I showed Nadia a perfect acorn and she collected dozens. We left them out in the sun to dry and Nadia worried that some squirrels would steal them…so Ozzie stood guard 🙂

We then heat them to get rid of any dampness and bugs. Put them all into a jar and our acorns were ready for painting. We used acrylic paint and the tips served as perfect handles to hold on to while painting. We let them dry and then left them in this bowl. A little bit of fall for indoor decor.





I guess we may use these for some future projects.

Hope you are having a great fall.


A spouting whale


Shortage of paints, need to stock up soon. All we had was blue and white acrylic colors. Lets paint a sea, lets paint a whale…

I drew a whale, and Nadia painted the sea.DSCF3532


She added white for some waves…to show the water movement.


She painted the whale white…



I added the eye and the smile.


Have a great week.