Halloween spooky castle

This castle has been planned for a while now. We have been saving paper towel rolls, yogurt cups for a few weeks. Below is our raw material, to save on time I spray painted everything gray. Recycled to our hearts content…



We glued everything together and Nadia helped paint the walls.DSCF3835

Finally, our castle framework is ready!

We then created two witches to stand guard. A paper cup for a body and foam heads. Nadia painted their clothes and face.



We also cut out paper strips to make a broom.DSCF3885

Nadia stuck some cotton for her hair.DSCF3890

We made a few ghosties for our castle spires out of coffee filters and cotton. Nadia drew on their eyes.


Finally, we put them all together. What followed is an epic playtime between dinosaurs and witches and ghosties. What fun 🙂




Finally the little girl is asleep, dreaming of a T-rex that she is going to dress up as for school tomorrow.

Have a great halloween!



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