Cereal box spooky house

Halloween is upon us soon…Just love this time of the year. Starts with Ganpati, then EID, Durga Puja, Halloween and then Diwali. So much to paint, so little time 🙂

We used a cereal box for this one. Turned it inside out, I drew a house.DSCF3848

Nadia then painted the walls, roof, door, windows…DSCF3850

I cut out the windows and the door.DSCF3854

I used the plastic from the cereal box for the windows and drew on some halloween decorations. Folded and glued the box and voila now Nadia can carry it around.DSCF3866


A lighted candle inside just build the mood. Note: This is a paper box so if you use a real candle, make sure you extinguish it when not around.DSCF3869We are saving our cereal boxes. By Christmas we should be able to create an entire village 🙂

Have a great week.



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