She is wild, she is free

Sunday evening, Nadia wanted to be an elephant…running free and wild. I painted her face and she picked a dark blue outfit, grabbed her mammoth toy and ran to the backyard. She ran, she climbed trees, she lay on the grass and had a blast. “Animals love to run long distances and feel the wind on their face” – she said in Bengali.



“Did you know that elephants require vast spaces to roam, socialize, and express their natural behavior. In the wild, they live in matriarchal herds and are active for 18 hours per day, foraging for fresh vegetation, playing, bathing in rivers, and traveling as far as 30 miles a day.”

DSCF3687The vast majority of elephants now in zoos were taken away from their moms by force.

DSCF3688For the sake of elephants in captivity, zoos must phase out their elephant exhibits, abandon breeding programs, and strive to provide the elephants who are currently in captivity with a more humane existence. DSCF3689A day in the zoo for you, could cause a lifetime of heartache for her…she is free, she is wild.

Thought for the week 🙂

Have a great week.



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