Yoda vs Darth Vader

Nadia’s simple question – Why did Yoda not fight Darth Vader and defeat him? Isn’t Yoda the teacher and Anakin the student. This led to a lot of contemplation on my part…a theory I had heard about the cave scene in Empire Strikes back between Luke and Vader, isn’t that really a fight between Yoda and the imaginary Vader? Yoda haunting Dagobah…well to avoid answering the question :-), I printed coloring pages for Darth Vader and Yoda. Nadia got busy coloring.

DSCF3602We then cut out Darth Vader and Yoda’s character for a shadow box epic fight that this would have been if there ever was one!!

Bedtime…along with a great Star Wars score playing Yoda and Darth Vader battled with light-sabers. And  yes Yoda won in this version.




Night, night.

Have a great week.



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