Graduation is coming

My little sister and Nadia’s aunt, Guddy (Dr. Anjana Talapatra now) defended her PHD dissertation yesterday. All week she was prepping for her defense and Nayeem and I got a peep at her 70 page presentation and 100 page dissertation. We marveled at the PDF videos of energy landscapes. Her work is in the area of thermoelastic phase transformations in transition metal alloys 🙂

So after scanning a few pages of that, I decided a great way that Nadia and I could celebrate would be pre-graduation cupcakes!

So Nadia got started on some yummy chocolate cupcakes. She lined the muffin tray while I got all the ingredients ready.



Nadia mixed the flour, cocoa powder, sugar and beat 2 eggs into the mixture.

DSCF3501She then added 1tsp vanilla extract, 1 cup milk and 1tsp baking soda. Nadia added a few chocolate bits too. Then we poured it out into the muffin tray and waited for 20 minutes while we got the cake toppers ready.



We used Reese’s cups, Godiva squares, M&Ms and some sour strips to prepare the toppers. We used melted chocolate to glue them all together.


Note: A lot of discarded pieces were consumed here.

Finally, here are our assembled cup cakes…with and without frosting…look great and taste great too.



Great going little sister, so proud of you! Looking forward to the graduation ceremony in December with family.

Have a great week.



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