Photography scavenger hunt

I recently got Nadia a Fujifilm XP camera. It’s a really light-weight, easy to use buttons point and shoot. It has some advance features too however we won’t be using those for a while.

So she is pretty excited with it and uses it to take pictures quite a bit.

To make the seeing process a bit more simpler I decided to introduce a dinosaur scavenger hunt. I hid five dinosaurs in the backyard and let her have at them. The deal was that I needed one picture of each dinosaur, each from a different angle. And I did not hover at all…really just observed and let her go.

So here are the pictures she took. I was interested mainly in the angle, the story-telling part, the removal of distracting elements and of course they need to be all in focus. That last part is quite a challenge for the tiny fingers which focus and then shake while pressing the trigger.






She did a great job I must admit.

I took this picture of her…honestly I was emotionally overwhelmed when I saw her lie down on the grass and try to get this picture from the ground level…the joys of photography 🙂


Have a great week.



Note: All pictures in this post were taken by Nadia, except the last one of course.


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