Constellation light box

Lately we have been working on the transition to Nadia’s room in her own bed. It’s a work-in-progress, resulting in several sleepless nights in turn for each of us. Relentless, we struggle on. It’s been one strategy after the other, suggested by friends, family etc. I happened upon a constellation lamp online and decided we should make that. And maybe just maybe it would help Nadia fall asleep and not wake up anxious that she is alone.

We used a cereal box, turned inside out. Nadia painted it blue.



We poked holes in the box to indicate Nadia’s zodiac sign Aries and put a string of LED lights through the box.

Glued the box back together and here is our constellation lamp.


Here is a closer look with the lights switched off. It makes a pretty pattern. We also poked some tiny holes for other stars.


Nadia seems quite thrilled with it. Well, tomorrow morning we shall see whether it worked.



Have a great week.




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