We had a ton of fun today creating a set of snakes, a crocodile and a lion. Nadia painted some, yellow and blue. Just look at the concentration and focus on that little face!



Here is our snake climbing a tree. We cut out the painted roll and stuck on some eyes.DSCF2888


Here is the crocodile…DSCF2892

Here are the snakes resting…DSCF2895

Finally the lion….DSCF2901

Seems to be a very calm one…


Here’s to hours of pretend play and storytelling! Interesting fact…Nadia used to watch a video every Sunday…either Land before time or Mowgli. It’s been 3 Sundays now that she hasn’t even asked whether she can watch a video. This past Sunday, when I brought it up she said let’s do some painting. It just shows if you can provide options a child will always pick the smart one 🙂

Have a great week.



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