Sailing the high seas

This one took us the entire weekend. I spent one night just measuring and cutting. I downloaded the template for the ship online…one of those pinterest links that I have saved and forgotten about long back. Nadia and I hot-glued the pieces together.


Of course Nadia’s ship has to have a dinosaur figurehead and tail.


We added 2 cardboard pieces in the center and cut a hole through for our sails/flagpost.


We also added a seat and a helm at the front.


Nadia picked the colors and painted the entire ship.



She also painted the sail. For the flag, I drew a t-rex and she colored the flag green.



We finally put them all together and her ship was ready to take on passengers and sail…Alas bedtime cometh too soon.



Nadia has gotten very interested in photography so last week I got her a Fuji XP camera. It is water-proof and shock-proof. We shall see if it stands the test.

Here is Nadia taking a picture of our fine creation before heading upstairs.


Have a great week!



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