Raksha bandhan

We made a couple of rakhis today. Some strands of ribbon, felt, a couple of stickers and glue. Nadia cut circles and a triangle out of the felt.

DSCF2863Here are our pieces for the rakhi.

DSCF2853Nadia glued them all together.

DSCF2856DSCF2857DSCF2864And here are our pretty rakhis. Why two? So I explained the concept of Raksha-Bandhan to her. It is a festival to celebrate the relationship between a brother and sister. The sister ties the Rakhi around the wrist of the brother and the brother in turn vows to protect her and be there for her. So of course, Ozzie-dada fits that bill perfectly. He is her brother and also protects her…hence two Rakhis 🙂

DSCF2865Here’s Nadia with her Rakhi…she loves it.

DSCF2866And here is the attempt to put Ozzie-dada’s Rakhi on.


Ozzie seems to be giving me the “Really mom, you’re going to take a picture and let me go through this?”.

DSCF2870Ozzie’s Rakhi stayed on for about 10 minutes 🙂

Have a great weekend.



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