Day in the city

Our discussion on the drive back home usually is about what kind of “activity” we will be doing once we get home. So by the time we are home and Nadia has had a snack we are ready to get going. Today, we decided to make a road for cars.

I cut out some black foam strips and Nadia painted yellow lines on them. This became our 2-way highway.


Next, we created some buildings to depict cities that we will be driving past. Nadia painted some cardboard rolls and drew some windows on them. Cutting slits we created a stack of high-rises.


Next, Nadia put them all together. The roads, the high-rises…she brought in her paper trees, the skateboard. I just love how she brings in all her hand-made toys to put scenes together.


I am enjoying photographing these details so much.


Wonder what’s on her mind here?


Just look at that high-rise!!



After dinner, she played with the new set. She was just getting into a high-speed cop car chase when alas…time for bed. She went to sleep announcing that she plans to eat breakfast quick tomorrow so she can get in a few minutes of play before we head to school. We shall see 🙂

Have a great week.



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