A cardboard house

We recycled a box to build this house. I cut out a door, 2 windows, shaped the roof. (Reminder to self: I need to buy a craft knife).


Nadia chose to paint the house green. She chose a light shade for the front of the house, and a darker shade for the rest of the wall.


Next, Nadia painted the windows and the door red.


I stuck on  cardboard piece for the roof. The plan was to have it as a sort of handle, so Nadia can use it to carry the house around. Works great, but it looks kind of lop-sided.


Here’s the finished version. Lopsided or not, Nadia loves it.


Nadia arranged it all out…trees for the backyard, cars parked in the front.


Here’s to countless hours of pretend-play.


Have a great week.



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