Happy Independence Day

Today, we created a painting to commemorate 15th August, Indian Independence day. This was two quick 15 minute sessions. The first session, Nadia painted the background on the canvas. Green and Orange to depict the Tiranga (3-color) Indian flag.



To depict freedom we added some butterflies, using a butterfly stamp (my sister lent us). Nadia used the stamp to cut out the butterflies.




Next, I drew a black silhouette of the Taj Mahal.



She then stuck the butterflies onto the canvas.


Here is our finished painting.


I took the opportunity to explain the concept of freedom to Nadia. Given our anti-zoo talks, I think she understands the topic quite well. Happy Independence Day to all my Indian friends. We will be celebrating all day tomorrow at IndiaFest…how wonderful that it has actually fallen on a Saturday. I will be at the Vibha booth at IndiaFest most of the time and at 4pm my band “Milwaukee Heartbeats” will be playing. So swing by for some fun, food and music!

Have a great weekend.



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