Creating a masterpiece with ice

This was such a fun activity. I froze some water in a dish overnight.

Today evening, took it out and placed the mould on a tray. We used an old baking tray that we have set aside for such experiments. Nadia poured some salt on the ice.


The salt lowered the freezing point of water. The ice started to melt and salt dissolved in the water. This adding ions that increased the temperature so that the water could refreeze. This created little cracks in the ice which helped us do this next part.

Note: Salt it used in ice cream makers for above reason. It makes the ice cream cold enough to freeze.

Next, Nadia poured food coloring onto the ice and then on it was a ooh-aah session of watching the colors make their way through the cracks.



Nadia had a fine time, poking around with a stick trying to make the colors move faster.

Here is her finished masterpiece 🙂 The blue looks so pretty.



Have a great week.



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