Baby shower

I helped host a baby shower for a dear friend at our place. It was a small, intimate lunch. Nadia helped with each of these decorations and both of us had a blast creating them.

We started with a banner…I drew small animals and baby clothes on paper and Nadia helped cut them out and stuck them. We then hung some rope and pinned them on using clothespins.



We put our Christmas led lights to great use by adding it to our banner.



This next idea was inspired by a pinterest post. We wanted something meaningful for the to-be mother to take home. Nadia helped cut out these animals and we put some pens and clips so that the guest could write their wishes for the baby and the parents.


Everyone hung their wishes up and here’s a look at that.



Finally, we created a simple centerpiece for the desert table. Nadia painted and glued together a tiny box and we attached a balloon on it. This is inspired by our hot air balloon ride from Cappadocia. In Nadia’s eye, she has created a hot air balloon ride for the little baby boy.


Have a great week.


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