Nadia’s first masterpiece

While in Cappadocia we visited an underground ceramic museum in Avanos. This is the world’s first and only underground ceramic museum by a family engaged in the ceramic business for five generations.

The owner was kind enough to let Nadia (or Princess as everyone in Turkey is calling her) try her hand at pottery with Nayeem’s help. Here’s the two of them at the kick-wheel. They took some teracotta clay and shaped it into a small pot.


Using their hands they shaped the clay, while Nayeem kept the wheel going with his feet.


Here is the final finished version.


We bought a few ceramic pieces at their store which will be shipped directly to our home. Nadia’s pot will be baked and shipped to us. Once we receive it we can then paint a design together.

Our Turkey vacation is coming to an end, another 4 days and it’s back home to Wisconsin.

Have a great week.


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