Hot air balloon at Goreme

Yesterday, we woke up at 4am for a hot-air balloon ride over Goreme in Cappadocia – a dreamy slice from Central Turkey. Volcanic eruptions created this surreal moonscape: the lava flows formed tuff rock, which wind and rain sculpted into sinuous valleys with curvy cliff faces and pointy fairy chimneys. Cappadocians chiselled homes in the soft rock, paving the way for cave-dwelling hippies and today’s boutique fairy-chimney hotels.

Back at the hotel, a little sleepy and tired I drew a scene on one of our trusty canvas square. After a short nap, Nadia colored it.


Here’s the final version.




I did not pack any paints on this trip. Nadia is missing painting a lot, she mentions it from time to time. Crayons and markers are all she can use for this trip. She is looking forward to some painting once back home 🙂

Have a great week.



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