Peg people

Here’s a peg wooden doll we made. Nadia colored her clothes and hair.

The next question was where does she stay? So we made this house using a box. Her roof are walls are painted pink. Here, she is looking out of a window we cut out.

We added some minimal features…here’s her washed clothes drying in the hot sun. They are pink too 🙂 She has a small potted plant outside the window. Also a table is set with cookies and a drink.

So the next question Nadia posed was who could she share these cookies with?

Enter a second peg doll, he’s a guy with a funny moustache and a little beard. Again, a pink shirt 🙂

The requests are now increasing…a peg family, neighbors, more houses. Hmm…I think I see a potential future village in the making!

Have a great week ahead.



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