Airport runway

We have been working on a runway for an airport for the last few days. I started by spray painting an entire side of a UPS box. Once it dried, we measured and drew a runway on it. Nadia painted the runway white.

We added some yellow lines and LED lights. Using a screw driver I poked holes in the cardboard and we inserted the lights from the back. Here’s our plane being guided by the LED lights.

We added some cones and other goodies that were in the US Airways plane set.

This is our control tower. It’s made out of a toilet paper roll and a empty cheese carton. We painted them black. The plan is to eventually add a helipad to the top of the control tower.

Needless to say, Nadia is having a blast with this as you can see below.

We have more plans with this project. We plan to add a hanger for the plane, an arrivals/departure lounge, a car park and then add some lego structures around it. It’s a big treat to photograph and play with this 🙂

On another note, we have a super exciting weekend ahead. Our album “Jiyaa Lage Na” is getting released this Friday by the great legend Shri Bappi Lahiri. I owe my friend Neeraj Agrawal a big Thank you for letting me add my vocals to his project. Here’s a link to the CD if you are interested.

Have great weekend.



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