An underwater scene

We are working a project that will take us a few days to finish. Meanwhile, we are also doing some minor activities on the side just to keep it diverse and also to keep the posts coming 🙂

Lately we have been watching the “Land before time” movies on the weekends. It really a heartwarming series of cute dinosaurs. In the last one, we heard this song “Big Big Big Big Water”. That has inspired this underwater scene. At swimming class today, Nadia announced that she wanted to paint a water scene…so here goes. Nadia is painting the blue waters here.

There are some rocks at the bottom and a school of fishes swimming happily.

Here are our little critters that we plan to stick in the scene. The crocodile is really a belly-dragger and the shark is a sharp-tooth!!

Nadia then stuck them to the scene. The sharp-tooth had fun swimming around.

He then spotted the fishes and the rest is history.

Weekdays call for 15-20 minute sessions. It’s a great way to connect with Nadia and relax a bit before her bedtime. Nadia added a few more creatures next day morning. Here’s the final version.

Have a great rest of the week.



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