Learning how plants absorb water

This is really cool. We used food coloring, water, and 2 cabbage leaves for this experiment. First Nadia poured 4 colors into glasses of water.

We then tore up the cabbage and put them inside the glasses. The idea is that the leaves will absorb water and should change color.

This is from the next day. They all changed color. The yellow is a little difficult to see.

This resulted in a super excited child claiming “Wow, they are really drinking the water”. Next, she wanted to know if white flowers would change color too.

So, we plucked what white flowers we had in the backyard and immersed them into the solution.

Well, it’s been a day and no change yet. Nadia said, Mama it rained last night so they are not thirsty. Gotta love the logic šŸ™‚

So we decided to leave them for another day. I will update this post if we see good results.



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