The land before time

Nadia’s favorite (or rather only) show is “The Land before time”. It’s about a band of cute dinosaurs exploring and having great adventures. She loves each of them and will have a hard time picking a favorite character. She spends a lot of time with her dinosaur models pretending they are all having great adventures in the “Great Valley”. Those characters have motivated this post. We decided to make our very own dinosaur puppets for endless hours of storytelling and fun.

I drew them on index cards and Nadia colored them. After that we cut them up and stuck straws at the back so they can be hand-held.

Here she is coloring Cera (the three horned girl).

These are Little-Foot, Chomper and Spike.

Here’s Ducky and Spike having a great conversation.

And here’s the entire group having some argument.

Here’s a final view of the original group from the beloved children’s series.

I am thinking of making a puppet theater next so she can entertain us too with their stories. I just can’t get enough of the 56mm1.2F’s depth of focus, colors and sharpness 🙂



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