Father’s day

Making crafts for this dad was a little challenging as he always like’s to see what we’re painting. Luckily he was traveling this week and we took advantage of that.

Here’s the card. That’s Nayeem…I am sure you recognize his hair and the look in his eyes. The orange thing is our attempt at a tie. Nadia colored and cut and stuck everything. I helped a bit. Then she decided it was too cute to give away for Father’s day so we had to make another smaller version for her.

Next we decided to make a banner to hand to hang at our breakfast nook. We cut 6 ties out of paper and I wrote things like “#1 Dad”, “Love you” etc on them.

We then made a garland and it was a good surprise for Nayeem. Typically I am the late riser so waking up early and making breakfast gave Nayeem quite a double surprise.

    Cute crafts + Poha (puffed rice breakfast dish) = 1 happy daddy

We also made a chocolate cake…our first attempt ever! Nadia helped mix all the ingredient and of course eat it too.

Happy Father’s Day to all you great dads out there. Hope you enjoy today with your precious family.



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